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Our Spreadable Infused Honey comes in 5 different flavors. Read on to learn about each of the flavors to find the one perfect for you!


Dark Magic -

If you’ve recognized the reference, it has nothing to do with the nature of good and evil, it's really just powerful magic. This chocolate spread knocks Nutella out of the water, made from a blend of locally grown Theo’l Lady Farms Cocoa sourced directly from Kauai and Peruvian cacao. 


Everything Nice -

A smooth blend of warm spices including Cinnamon, Cardamom, Vanilla, and our own Bee Pollen. Flavors paired with many of our favorite foods throughout history and across cultures, everything nice brings us feelings of warmth, gathering, and sharing the special moments with those we love. 


Love Triangle -

Three flavors to add spice and warmth to your life, with the complementary sweetness of honey to make your health your indulgence; Like extra potent, pure candied ginger.  Get all the benefits of ginger and turmeric without the hassle of peeling, grating, and cleaning up.


Summer Love -

Passion fruit, known here as lilikoi, is one of the most iconic flavors of Hawai’i. It’s equal parts sweet and tart and evokes the feeling of tropical island life. This infusion is the perfect way to have a taste of the tropics, any time, any place.


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