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How to use Kauai Nectar
Spreadable Infused Honey

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Spreadable honey harnesses the natural crystallization process that only occurs in raw unpasteurized honey. Thick, smooth, and infused with extravagant flavors from nature. We curated flavors that complement and contrast so that you can transform any meal or drink with just one ingredient. 
We craft our infused spreadable honey by carefully whipping crystallized honey with pure raw honey and slowly incorporating some of the world's finest and most flavorful ingredients to elevate the flavor profile of our already unique honey. 
The end result is a thick, buttery, smooth, spreadable constancy, rather than the pourable viscosity honey generally has. 
Keep in a cool dark place or refrigerate to maintain consistency. Natural separation of flavors will occur if spreadables are left in high heat or direct sun. As the crystallized honey is warmed, it will return to its original consistency of honey, allowing density to take over and separate naturally. All one must do is stir to incorporate and freeze overnight. Once frozen, return the jar to the refrigerator to set. 

Like honey, our spreadables are eternal and will not spoil if kept in a cool dark place, away from moisture and those pesky ants.

our favorite ways to use spreadable honey


A spoonful or two of Everything Nice in your morning coffee or tea. The warm spices are reminiscent of a Chai blend, adding complexity and sweetness to an otherwise boring bean water. A rim of Summer Love on a cold cocktail glass with your favorite spritzer. Whole Grain toast with a hearty spread of Dark Magic and sliced Kauai apple bananas, sprinkled with bee pollen. Garlic & Ginger infused honey on fresh grilled Mahi Mahi or stirred into mashed potatoes (Jackie’s favorite). Love Triangle as a potent medicinal kick in your morning or evening tea.




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