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We ship out twice a month. Please allow us two weeks to gather your order and ship it. Do we realize that this may seem like a long time in the fast pace place we live today, but two weeks?! In the world of 2-day shipping!? The reality is, it won't actually take us that long. However, sometimes it just might! We make small batches and harvest weekly. In order to provide you with the freshest possible honey, give us some time. We promise it is worth it.
In the unlikely event of turbulence, if your precious nectar arrives in less than pristine condition, please send us an email with images of the wreckage, your order number, and what you believe broke and we will ship you a replacement ASAP. 

If your package is lost in the mail, unfortunately, we cannot vouch for the USPS and what their best practices are. Please reach out to them directly as to where your package is, by using the tracking number provided with your shipping confirmation. If you cannot remedy using USPS, please reach out to us so we can submit our paperwork to them and offer you a refund or replacement. 

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