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Kauai Nectar Raw Honey is gathered from the lush landscapes of the Garden Island of Kauai. Our apiaries range from as far south as Kalaheo and north to Kalihiwai Ridge.


Kauai honey bees forage from tropical flowers and lush trees across the Island. None of our apiaries are in mono crops or heavily sprayed areas resulting in healthy bees and delicious pure honey. Due to the honey bees' expertise, each bee can fly over 2 miles from the hive to forage, resulting in a mixture rather than a single nectar source. 


We filter our honey directly from the honey house, resulting in a two-step supply chain from comb to bottle. The natural settling process allows for small bits of wax and at times a creature or two to make it to the final destination. 


Look for our limited edition batches for specific regions and tastes, or visit our Q&A for more information on where we keep our bees on Kauai and what they forage from. 


Infants should not consume honey under one year of age. This product is home-produced and processed and has not been inspected by the Department of Health.


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